Sturgeon Fishing in Vancouver BC

Every year almost 9 million tourists visit Vancouver, BC for different reasons, some for business and some for pleasure. Whether in Vancouver for a convention, a family reunion, or just to see what Vancouver has to offer, many of our visitors seek a BC outdoors adventure. This is certainly something Vancouver is known for! It is one of those (few) magic places in North America where you can combine business, family obligations or quality spousal time with world class fishing. We’re lucky and privileged to be able to provide such experience.

Within 1 hours drive from the big city, there is an experience of a lifetime to be had. A truly one off, one day event, that has very little chance of being duplicated elsewhere. The perfect combination of being able to soak in the natural beauty the area has to offer, the high probability of observing wildlife such as seals and bold eagles in the wild, and having an opportunity to catch a fish of a life time. It’s not every day you’ll have an opportunity to catch and release back into the wild a fish that has the potential to grow larger than yourself.

Emptying into the Pacific Ocean in Vancouver is the 11th longest river in Canada, the Fraser River. It measures 1,370km in length (850mi). What separates the Fraser River from some of the other great Canadian rivers is what occupies its waters. In the deep waters of the Fraser River resides a prehistoric fish, a dinosaur, by the name of White Sturgeon. The White Sturgeon is the largest freshwater fish in North America. With the help of a professional Vancouver fishing guide that’s been fishing Sturgeon occupied waters for the past 20+ years, you’re likely to experience the power and acrobatic capability of these prehistoric fish. Although a bottom feeder, it certainly doesn’t fight like one. Some have described it as fighting a Marlin in the Pacific Northwest.

The Sturgeon fishery attracts anglers of all skill levels from around the globe. Whether you’re a pure fly fisher, or a worm and hook kind of angler, having a chance to test your skills and endurance against one of these river monsters is something one should not pass by. Although Sturgeon in the Fraser River can be caught (and released) year round, the best times to hook into one of these prehistoric monsters is between mid-March and mid-November. However, summer and especially fall tend to be the best months for size and numbers. The size range in the Lower Fraser River varies significantly. The average Fraser River Sturgeon in the waters we frequent is about 1.4m (4.6ft). Frequently we hook fish in the 1.8 to 2.5m range (6-8ft). The number of fish to the boat per day also varies significantly. After all, it’s fishing and not catching. Although we catch fish on 95%+ of our guided fishing charters, some days we may land a couple of fish and some days we’re well into the teens. Days with over 20 fish to the boat do happen, however it is not common. I’d say the average day on an 8 hour charter over the course of the year is 6-8 fish.

It is right here, near Vancouver, BC, the 3rd largest city in Canada, visited by some many each and every year memories that last a lifetime happen. The successful hookset, fight, landing and release of a river monster, called the White Sturgeon. Why not experience the best Vancouver has to offer, a world class fishing experience.

Article by: Radek Hanus

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